The Center for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS) at Los Alamos chooses a small number (two to three) focus topics periodically and directs a major portion of its research capabilities into these strategically important areas.

The focus areas are determined by the Executive Committee and chosen by taking into consideration both the Lab's needs for basic science relevant to mission-critical programs and the need to stay abreast of emerging and potentially important developments in complex systems research.

Current focus Areas

Mechanistic Studies of Human Disease:

  • Establish and maintain Atomistic modeling of biomolecules in aqueous and complex membrane environments.
  • Atomistic, coarse grained, and ultra coarse grained models of multiple biomolecular complexes at large scale.
  • Modeling Signaling Networks.
  • Mechanistic modeling of Viral Infections.

Optimization and Physics Inspired Machine Learning Approaches:

  • The development of Machine Learning methods to study physical systems, with applications to atomistic materials models, nuclear fission, and geophysical systems.
  • The development of novel algorithms that exploit the structural properties of the mathematics embedded in optimization problems.

The Dynamics of Systems Far From Equilibrium:

  • Turbulent and Compressible Flows
  • Modeling of Flows in the Subsurface and the Ocean

Theory and Computation on Quantum Systems:

  • Quantum computation and quantum information theory

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