A suite of utility and transportation systems

Partner with us as we develop on-site generation, storage, and dispensing of hydrogen fuel for utilities and transportation, including for fuel cell-EV buses and other mid-heavy-duty vehicles. As we develop an integrated industrial campus to support our goal of zero-carbon operations, we seek opportunities for research collaboration, technology validation, and deployment with companies, universities, and community organizations to test and develop hydrogen and carbon utilization processes and products.

Testbed opportunities

Test Bed@2x


  • Los Alamos’ Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) produces 20 to 25MW of power from natural gas offering options to inject oxygen for greater efficiency, to capture CO2 via membrane separation or direct air capture (DAC) chemistries, and to demonstrate other cogeneration processes.
  • Production and use of hydrogen from methane: we are seeking optimized processes for steam methane reforming (SMR), autothermal reforming (ATR), and pyrolysis/gasification. We have the ability to validate CO2 capture processes for utilization of CO2, hydrogen, and oxygen, including heat recapture.
  • Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers producing hydrogen and oxygen from water can use concentrated hydrogen and oxygen for optimal use of off-peak power with energy.
  • PEM and solid oxide fuel cells can be tested in a wide variety of applications that range from portable, mobile, and micro-combined heat and power to larger-scale stationary and back-up power for high performance.
  • Microbial electrolysis and carbon utilization research, testing and validation opportunities exist for a variety of biological and agricultural applications, including algal fuels and feedstocks and controlled-atmosphere hydroponics.