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To inquire about the courses below, contact the Nuclear Security Training team.

This 3-day course provides a technical overview of nuclear weapons development through briefings and tours of weapons facilities, including production of nuclear materials, fundamentals of weapons physics, testing and hydrotesting and a history of the U.S. weapons program. Download the Nonproliferation Fundamentals brochure (pdf).

Through the development of a user-friendly interface, the Lab's 3-D training tools reach a new set of users not familiar with interactive virtual reality. Interactive visual models can be used to access controlled areas, highly radioactive areas and specialized training areas that generally require time and effort preparing paperwork to gain access, as well as overcoming the security hurdles to enter the facility. These facilities are prime examples for developing the models as they allow the trainees to become familiar with a nuclear facility without having to physically visit. Download the Interactive Visual Modeling brochure (pdf).

Instruction can be tailored to managers, scientists, technicians and first responders who may be required to identify and manage radioactive sources. Instruction is delivered in the form of classroom lectures, discussions, group exercises, case studies and demonstrations. Hands-on demonstration and examples of devices, sources and containers are available. Download the Sealed Source brochure (pdf).

This course provides instruction and best practices on secure transport of radioactive materials meeting or exceeding that of USDOT 49CFR, USNRC 10CFR Part 61 and IAEA SSR-6. Training modules can be tailored for managers, scientists, technicians and engineers who work with packaging and transporting radioactive materials around the globe. Download the Secure Packaging and Transportation brochure (pdf).