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    Postdoc salaries are determined based on the year their PhD degree was awarded or requirements were met. See below for more information regarding Distinguished Fellows Salary.

    Postdoc salaries align with the year they completed their PhD, not the specific anniversary date. 

    PhD Graduation Year Salary

    Distinguished Postdocs

    Distinguished Postdocs have a separate salary structure based on start date and time at LANL. All Distinguished Postdocs move to the next level/year in February.

    Year at LANLSalary
    1st Year$123,000
    2nd Year$125,000
    3rd Year$128,000


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    Los Alamos National Laboratory is located in Los Alamos, New Mexico – in the northern region of the Land of Enchantment. New Mexico offers deserts, forests, mountains, vibrant cities, and a rich culture and history.


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