The JA Program enhances workforce development and recruitment. Both parties share responsibility for overall management of the Program, including training and employee support, research, student advising, teaching responsibilities, project and grant support and development, administration of collaborations and partnerships, stewardship of publication, development of intellectual property and commercialization, and general career development.

The JA Program is modeled after similar programs at other facilities in the DOE complex, and was run as a successful pilot program with the New Mexico Consortium. Based on that pilot, LANL has launched a new program directly with partner universities.


  • Individual Joint Appointments (IJAs) are open to LANL technical staff and research faculty at selected institutions that have signed MJA agreements; each IJA must be approved by both institutions.
  • Individual JAs are employees of one institution, but they may identify their affiliation with both institutions on papers, presentations, signature block on mail and email, and business cards.
  • IJAs are for a fixed term, renewable upon mutual agreement.
  • IJAs are not tenured, nor are they on a tenure-track.
  • JAs are negotiable between 0% and 50% FTE.
  • Individual JAs are placed into an existing organizational unit, and are treated as members of the unit (Academic Dept. or LANL Technical Group)
  • IJAs receive paychecks and benefits from only their home institution.
  • If Intellectual Property (IP) is jointly developed by both institutions, then both institutions share ownership of the IP.

Types of JA'S

The MJA agreement allows two types of individual joint appointments (each way):

  • Basic Joint Appointment: No funds are transferred between institutions for this appointment type. The LANL JA may teach at a university, and the university JA may work at LANL; the JA may mentor students at either institution. The JA may pursue program development through collaborations, submit proposals, and develop curricula.
  • Research Joint Appointment: This appointment can be funded at either institution. The LANL JA may perform funded research at the university, and the university JA may perform funded research at LANL. The JA employee is loaned to the partner at a reduced JA assignment indirect rate, normally set to be an offsite rate and reciprocated by partners. For funded appointments, the JA’s salary, fringe, and offsite indirect costs are reimbursed to the home employing institution for activities that are funded.